Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One BUSY Week

Wow, we had a busy week following our picnic! My parents celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. If I actually live that long, it will be something to celebrate. Jenn, of course, wanted to make them a special dinner.

<----------(Brown noser...)

She must think she will not live that long either....

She planned everything, bought everything and I got off easy with drinks and a cake. I stirred the rice twice too! Wow, that was exhausting! Great dinner, Jenn. The girls sure enjoyed my cake. And Jenn enjoyed beating Jimmy with our parents' anniversary gift.

Watching my parents together, and how they interact, was an epiphany. It was so neat to see my parents in this light. To me, they were always Mom and Dad. Dad and Mom. They were so busy raising their family, it seemed they always put themselves last. Rush here, rush there. Buy this, buy that. Mom, I need my choir dress by 7:00 tonight. Dad, my car's overheating. Something happened during the 10+ years I have not lived at home. (To me, not them...) I realized my parents are a beautiful, caring and loving couple. They always have been. They complete each other. They are truly best friends. I have no idea why all of a sudden this hit me, 'cuz obviously it's not breaking news: they've been married 33 years! It brings tears to my eyes. My parents jumped hurdles many married couples never will. Aren't they cute?!?!?

Sniff, sniff. Isn't that beautiful? On to other celebrations! Two days later, it was my darling fiancee's birthday. He healed nicely from the anniversary dinner wounds. The staples come out of his head next week. J/K :) I thought he'd be happy that he is finally as wise as me, but I made a comment about not setting the cake on fire with 29 candles and he frowned. So I took this pic:

If looks could

I made that cake too!! My first ever carrot cake, my first ever round pan, double-layer cake. I learned that there is no mistake plenty of frosting cannot fix! I am not challenged in the kitchen, my kitchen here just sucks! There's no room to work.

The very next day, it was the brown-noser's 31st birthday. Old Fart! Her loving man, Alex, found napkins that said, "I see old people." I loved it! I wanted to make the cake, but I think she was worried I was going to put her in a diabetic coma. (From too much frosting?) My favorite bro, Tommy, was there and up for some photo fun. Notice the death looks he's getting from the birthday girl's

Here's a much nicer picture of him with his Momma...

I love when he gets his yearly haircut.

Jimmy and I took the kids to Lagoon the following day. I am sad to report that I took no pictures! Not that there would have been many to take anyway. I'm afraid Andie, Tori and Tyler all got my sense of adventure. I had Andie and Tyler in tears before I just let them chicken out of rides. Good thing Ricky and Caylynn, the twins' BFF, were there. I only had to ride solo once. I love the Spider. It was my favorite. So was the Rocket. And the Colossus. No one wanted to ride the Wicked with me. :( So, anyone who is a daredevil, I am thinking of season passports next summer! The twins and Tyler can ride the Music Express all day while I ride the big kid rides!


This is the coolest dog ever!