Monday, July 27, 2009

Change of Plans...

Ok, just kidding. I changed my mind on this little guy's name. I thought he was quick like a pistol. Hmmm, he is more like a Zipper. He zips here, then there. He is NUTS!


a.k.a. Zippy

He was almost renamed Chewy, but Zipper seems to be sticking. (My poor new Reef sandals...)

Puppies....sheesh. Pray for him. Nevermind, pray for ME! lol I need an obedience lesson class to teach ME how to train him. Apparently spraying him with the spray bottle (Trigger...) is not what I am supposed to be doing.

I see improvement everyday! Look how I rehabilitated Ruger. :) Ruger is doing great actually. The little old lady he went to is in Heaven on Earth! Ruger is also, because there are no little Tylers to chase him or Andies and Toris to dress him up. He gets ALL the attention, and it's all good.

No, I am NOT bringing home any more doggies. This is it. I promise!

Tanks A Lot...

I just found a cool blog called The Shopping Mama. Check it out:

She has a cool giveaway going right now called "Reconfigure your Figure"

It's no secret that Utah Moms are the most beautiful in the nation! Check out the shape configuring power of Slimpressions! How cool is that? They have so many different styles and colors. They even have just shirts that don't expose anything that shouldn't be exposed!

They are ALSO not as expensive as the kind Oprah raves about. Go check them out, and enter to win your own!


This is the coolest dog ever!