Thursday, April 14, 2011

I FINALLY learned to do a messy bun!

I have been asking my friend (who I will leave unnamed...) to show me how to do a messy bun.  :)  Randomly, on YouTube, I found a WHOLE SITE of beautiful hair-dos! 

Mommy Messy Bun

I watched this ONE time, and instantly "got it." I would take a picture, (my make-up is off for the night) but my hair looks GREAT! :)

Mindy, the site owner, is constantly adding cute new hair-dos! She uses her cute little twins to model. 

I <3 my twin daughters!

If you have a daughter, you owe it to her to check out some of these beautiful hairstyles!

Cute GIRL hairstyles!

Have fun.  We did!!!  But, it's late and there's school tomorrow.  Good thing some of these styles are 5 minutes or less....


This is the coolest dog ever!