Monday, March 23, 2009

Strange Monday

Monday morning. Scooter visited the vet. She confirmed that, yes, it was indeed a seizure. He is "mid-life" in age, which basically means there is no reason he should be having seizures. If he were younger or older, she could nail it down with a few tests. But, we did blood work, and everything is normal.

For now, I need to keep a journal to see if there is any pattern. Her thoughts are that his seizure was stress induced! Poor pup. I asked what specifically would stress a dog. Vacations, other animals in the home, changes in lifestyle. Just to name a few. Check, check and check.

That's bad news for Ruger, 'cuz I had Scooter first, and he takes priority. I like Ruger. He's cute and he has the "cute eyes" trick down pat. But, he's kinda a naughty little guy. He is not super socialized, he's moody & he wants to be the alpha dog so badly.

But, man, can that little guy jump. He jumps from the floor to the counter top. (maybe he is part kitty?) He is such a good boy when I take him on walks. He is a WAY good boy in the car. He doesn't hog my bed like Scooter does, instead he gives me the room I need and will shift when needed.

Darn. I need to focus on his less preferred traits so that I give him a new home. I don't want to give up on him though. He has come SO far since December.

Look at him! His tooth hangs out when he's being goofy and he has a bunch of extra skin that gets all wrinkly when he's being goofy too...

Wow, there was a crash in the kitchen. Lunch is now all over the floor, and Ruger is wearing it on his whiskers and chin. LOL!



This is the coolest dog ever!