Sunday, October 12, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Ok, yeah. So, I hope you all enjoyed my Fall posting, because FALL IS OVER! I wish I had known it would be so short lived; I would have taken more pictures!! We woke up to a beautiful COLD blanket of snow, and it has not stopped. My kids made the best of the newly fallen snow & had some fun. Check it out!!

Wyatt & Ty gettin' down & chilly....

until....along comes Ricky...(cue evil music...)


Tori demonstrates how to throw like a girl...

This is the twins' bestest friend, Caylynn. Her specialty is accuracy...

Tyler is bewildered.
He just wanted to make a snowman.

My poor little doggy dug himself into a den under my blankets. He HATES to even go outside in the cold. He stands at the back door and howls pathetically until you let him in. Then, he stands there and shivers. Poor baby. I saw this as a shopping opportunity! Scooter will now model this season's hottest clothes:

Ricky calls this Scooter's "Grim Reaper Costume." It has the cutest little hoodie, but my little brat wouldn't stand still...

He can get out of it pretty easy too. :(

Next up we have what Jimmy calls: "Scooter's Preppy Sweater."

I think the stripes definitely work for him...

Work it, work it....

Last but not least, my personal favorite: The Jock.
Scooter is wearing the '08-'09 Letterman's Jacket.

He has a double letter in case you wondered:
Cute & Snuggly.



This is the coolest dog ever!