Thursday, January 22, 2009

Your purse is barking...

LOL! Cell phones. What an awesome invention!

Even better?!?


My sister says I'm annoying. I say it's payback for putting Dawn soap in my Thermos & filling it with Kool-Aid in 3rd grade. Jerk. That was traumatizing.

Anyway, I found a fun website with about every ringtone or sound effect you can think of. I download a lot of them because my special needs students love them. (I promise.)

I have pretty little birds chirping when my mom or dad texts me, but an alert ring when they call. LOL

Achmed, the dead terrorist, tells me to "Pickup-it's your boyfriend," when my fiancee calls.

Can you guess what plays when the ex-hubs calls? Psycho...hehehe

Wow. So, these are the best conversation starters ever. For example, today I was at the accountant's office getting my taxes done. My washed up Kool-Aid sister texted me. (She's a dog groomer, so my phone barks.) It was in my purse on the floor. The accountant stopped what he was doing and announced, "I love dogs!"

I just sat there confused for a second. So, he exclaimed, "Let's see the little rascal!"

LOL. I pulled out my phone and showed him that it was just the phone "barking."

As I was leaving, I had to stop and sign some paperwork at the front desk. My sis text-replied at just that moment. The poor lady at the front desk.

"Excuse me, but your purse is barking," she notified me.

Yeah...could you imagine the response if I had set her message tone to the nauseating gas-expelling male that needs to check his drawers?!?


This is the coolest dog ever!