Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School!!!

Well, it's official! Summer break is over. School has begun. It was a great morning! The kids were excited, they actually got out of bed, ate breakfast and got ready with no complaining. (Yet...)
It kills me how fast my kids are growing up. I don't know why, but the first day of school drives it home. Remember when they were so small sitting there at their desks, their little feet not even touching the floor yet? Remember how they looked a little scared? Did anyone else cry? I remember leaving my kids' school last year, bawling. None of them needed me last year. Only 2 of them even looked back after I left the classroom. Dab, dab.

I need to count my blessings. All of them still kiss me goodbye most mornings.

First up, Ricky. He's almost too cool to smile anymore... He opted for his "sick" skater shirt instead of his "sicker" skull one. (He didn't want to make a negative impression on his new teacher.) I suggested one of his nice new polos and some khakis. He laughed at me. Did you hear me?? HE LAUGHED AT ME!!!

Thank goodness for Andrea. My sweet Andie. My little fashion diva. She prefers clothes that are trendy and "cute." (She's a girl after my own heart.) She loves her shoes the best. They're brown "skater style" shoes, but she wanted one hot pink lace and one white lace. So, that's what she did! It looks cute, and it makes her stand apart from Tori.

Ah, her other half, Victoria. Sassy, sporty Tori. Sweet Tori, although she won't admit it. Tori wants to make a statement. (And they're not always good...) I pointed out that she's wearing the same shirt and pants as Andie. "No, Mom," she objected, "My shirt is blue, which matches my capris better. And I am wearing a belt. Oh, and my hair looks better." Wow. Ok, Vic.

Look at my little Meatball! I love Tyler! Toothless Ty. Tyler is such a great kid. He was chosen to eat lunch with the mayor last year, because his teacher said he is a model student. I ate that comment up... I take full credit, thank you! I am so proud of him! He even spiked his own hair this morning. lol

I just love my kids so much! As I was driving to work this morning, I thought to myself,"Self, how could any parent be excited that school starts today?"
Then I got to school and met my students. :( JUST KIDDING! I drove to the school where I am a Teacher's Assistant this year. The drive was smooth, there was a great parking spot and I was on time even! The students arrived mostly one by one, so I was able to catch names and meet parents. After all the parents had left, I realized something, none of them were visibly upset that today was the first day of school!

Well, after dodging balls being thrown from every angle, chasing the same kid down the hall several times, taking a different one off the top of tables more than several times, I could see why!
I am SO kidding! I was in love! I wanted to post some horror story about kids swinging from the light fixtures. Sure, I grabbed a kid swinging from the VCR this afternoon, but that was it. I even scored a kiss from one of my little 1st grade boys! He grabbed my face with both hands, and I thought for sure he was going to headbutt me. But, nope! He puckered up and planted a beautiful, fat, wet kiss on my cheek!

I had a blast today. There is nothing better than an innocent, beautiful, elementary aged child. I just want everyone to know that I have never been more sure of what I want to be when I grow up: a teacher.

I will finish my degree. I need kids in my life. Mine refuse to stop growing, no matter how much i beg or cry...

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