Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I was tagged...

Ok everyone who reads me! I have moved! I finally have communication with the outside world. I will post pictures of the new home when I am finished unpacking. This weekend maybe?

It's All about Me me!

Ok, so Krista tagged me and was anxiously awaiting my replies, but alas! My computer was packed and I had no internet anyway. So, now that I am back online with phone service, check out my answers!!

1. Where were you 10 years ago?

Wow. Ten years ago, I was a new mom of a set of twins. At the 6 month mark, I was almost getting the hang of double everything. I must have been working at Wal*Mart still, while trying to put Rick through school. Good thing that worked out...LOL!

2. What's on your to do list today?

Today was another productive day! I worked, unpacked, set up the computer in the living room, broke down boxes and remembered to drag my garbage can to the curb. ('Cuz THURSDAY is garbage day here in West Point!) Made dinner, played with the dog, started a load of laundry, ate a 1/2 box of Nerds. :) Good times!

3.What if you were a Billionaire?

Good. An easy one! I would pay off all my bills and the bills of everyone who is nice to me. I would build me a house with a great kitchen and a nice, big yard like the one I have. Jimmy would tell his job to stuff it and he would be a full-time Hunting or Fishing Guide. I would make my mother & father quit their jobs and do nothing but tote my kids and Jenn's kids to every lesson and extra-curricular activity they ever wanted to be in. My parents would have no mortgage, Jenn would get her hideous mini-van, plus a house next door to me. She and Jimmy would also get the best physical therapy and surgical procedures available to end their pain.

Then, I would have to donate some money to the McCain/Palin campaign. Next, I would help all the agencies who have helped me through the hard divorce times.

I would fly to Uganda regularly and definitely visit an orphanage or two. I would help build churches and homes and canals and anything else Ugandans need.

For fun, I would rent a cruise ship and invite everyone I knew ever, until the ship was full and we would have a blast taking a cruise. (I would pay all wages for any work missed.) First, we would cruise the Caribbean and all that. Then, we would do an Alaskan cruise and see the wildlife, nature and Northern Lights! Dream big, right?

4. Name five places you have lived:

1. Elkhorn, Nebraska
2. Jacksonville, Florida
3. Layton, Utah
4. Clinton, Utah
5. West Point, Utah

5. What are three bad habits you have?

Only three huh? Ok...
1. I eat too much and don't exercise enough.
2. I yell at my kids too much.
3. I hate to do laundry or clean!!!

6. What kind of snack do you like?

Anything edible. Cucumbers, carrots, anything chocolate.

7. Who will you tag next?

How 'bout Tiff! You're it Mrs. Duffey!!!


This is the coolest dog ever!