Friday, June 5, 2009

Class of 2015

Class of 2015!

I brag about my girls and Tyler a LOT. Don't get me wrong, Ricky is a COOL kid. He just gets bored in school and chooses not to complete or turn in assignments.

Ricky graduated from the 6th grade today. I was happy he made it! It has been a struggle for the past few years.

Today, Ricky was presented with TWO awards in addition to his "diploma!"

The first award?

A 'President's Education Award'. This is a HUGE honor I guess, and he had no idea he was getting it. I was so surprised. The award is really cool looking, and it is signed by Barack Obama.

He got the award because he has greatly improved his grades. I was so moved, I almost cried. I didn't have my camera ready, so the pictures aren't great.

Ricky is next to the flag pole in the stripes. :)

The second award was:

An Achievement Award for outstanding performance in Language Arts!

(Again, not ready. I need a new camera!)

Every student in the class received some sort of award during this part of the ceremony. "Peacebuilder," "Great Leadership Skills" I expected Ricky's to be something like, "Most enthusiastic," or "Student who turned in LEAST amount of assignments." You know, those types of awards. The teachers have to make something up.

Outstanding Achievement in Language Arts. That ROCKS. I am so dang proud of him! When we were driving home, I got all choked up. I knew the kid had it in him. I tried so hard to tell him that without crying.

Mr. Warren, Principal of Parkside Elementary
Ricky receiving his diploma.
If you see or talk to Ricky, PLEASE congratulate him. This is a HUGE deal.

Congratulations to ALL graduates: Class of 2009 (Taylor Yip!) and the future Class of 2015.
Ricky waiting patiently while all the names were called out.


This is the coolest dog ever!