Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Teen/Tween Reviews

Hello Blogging world! Between school, summer, appointments and dance, I have lost touch with this world! I am on Facebook:


I have a question:

There are SO many great products for babies out there. Why do they get all the press? My baby is TEN. I am beyond the cool baby stuff (although it is really innovative and fun to look at!)

Can someone PLEASE point me to products for teens/tweens??

My oldest is a teenage boy age 13.

Next is a set of 12 year old identical girly twins.

And of course, my baby boy is 10.

I am willing to be a reviewer/tester for any products for tweens/teenagers and even dogs!

My boys are sporty, they like their hair, and they love trends!

My daughters are beyond girly-girls and love anything that has to do with jewelry, hair, clothing, make-up...etc. You get the point.

We are a real household looking for innovative products to make everyday life easier.

Please send me links to products, websites or anything else helpful!



This is the coolest dog ever!