Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thank you God!

Between going back to school and networking on Facebook, I rarely log into my blog anymore! We are still here, and doing well.

We had a nasty scare Sunday when we returned home from camping. Someone had opened the gate to Jimmy's backyard and Sage got out. She had already been wandering for 2 days by the time we got home Sunday afternoon.

The neighbor who was to watch her didn't know anything except that the gate had been open and no Sage. He assumed we took her with us camping and just closed the gate. He didn't call anyone and she was just gone.

We drove around for an hour or so looking for Sage, calling her name and looking anywhere we thought she might be. We gave up, and hoped someone had called a shelter or animal services to get her. But, no shelters are open Sunday, so we had to wait until Monday morning. I posted an ad on ksl.com, hoping someone had seen her, and we sat back and waited for any news.

Monday morning at 8 am we got in the car and headed around to the local shelters, as no one had seen Sage. Animal control had no clue if they picked her up so we were on our own to identify her. After checking 3 shelters and calling 3 different police and animal control officers with no luck, I broke down and started bawling. I stayed strong for over a day now for Jimmy and his kids, but all hope was now gone.

Out of despiration, Ricky, Cheyenne and Wyatt got in the car with me and we started combing the streets, calling her name and stopping to talk to anyone who would talk to us. We drove 15 miles worth of city streets, 20 people must have told us they hadn't seen a dog around and I needed to go pee, ( 4 cups of coffee...) so we decided to head for home. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a set of blue eyes just streaming tears and Ricky looking bummed, so I crossed a busy road and decided to look more. 2 more people gave us negatives, then one lady suggested we look by a local pool and golf course, because there are lots of people there.

We drove around up by the Aquatic Center, checking everywhere and no Sage. We decided to go home and refuel, then continue our search. I stepped on the gas to resume the speed limit and Cheyenne screamed from the backseat. I almost put Wyatt through the front window slamming on the brakes, but WHOA, there Sage was.

She couldn't lift her head, but it was Sage all right. She perked up her ears and we all stood over her crying. We had found her and she was alive! Wyatt carefully picked her up and held her close while I sped home. When we got her inside, she was shivering, scared, weak, tired, hungry and thirsty. We gave her what she would accept food and water wise, bathed her and looked her over for injury. The pads on Sage's feet are worn off, blistered and bleeding. She can't walk very well, and we have to carry her outside to go to the bathroom.

We took her to the vet, and they gave her antibiotics, antiinflammatories, and a clean bill of health! Our little girl puppy made it. She was alone on the streets from Friday evening until Monday early afternoon when we found her and she lived! It is a miracle from God that we even SAW her, that she made it as far as she had without getting hit or hurt worse, and we thank Him.

Thank you God for bringing us our little Sage girl back. We love her with everything we have, and she is not just a pet to us. She is more. :) Even Zipper was being nice to her. Thank you, God!


This is the coolest dog ever!