Saturday, September 6, 2008

I hate packing....

Hello starshine! The earth says "hello!" Ok, so there's really not a lot new, just packing. I am absolutely NOT posting pictures of my messy castle. I hate coming home and seeing the mess and I am burned out on packing!

It will all be over soon! Then, the UNpacking shall commence! YEE HAW!!

I have no clue where all this stuff came from. I cannot get my kids to throw anything away. So, as I am taking the boxes to the garage for storage, I am secretly going through and making deposits into the trash can. Hahahahaha!! Evil mom strikes again!

We start moving into our new palace September 12th and the actual lease start date is September 16th, which also happens to be the day I am to turn in my keys for this residence! EEK! This house may not end up as clean as my landlords would have liked it to....

Please join me as we get to know some of my favorite people who were not previously posted. (And other photos I just love, but have no place in my bloggie stories...)

This is my future brother in law, Cole, with the gun he "bought for his wife to shoot." Lol! I think she would have preferred a spa day... Yes, that's a real knife on the end! Nice one, Duffey!

This is the gorgeous and uber-patient Duffey wife, Tiffany. That teeny tiny baby is Xander, her god-baby. He was a week old in this pic! I love Tiff. My kids love Tiff's cooking. You're making me look bad, Tiff!

P.S. I need that meatloaf recipe! The kids are bugging for it...

Andie, Kayla and Tori. Aren't they so cute? Kayla is quite possibly the sweetest girl I know! I would adopt her if #1: I knew her mother... #2: I could convince her mom to let me have her!

Meet Hank. He's my sister Jenn's "puppy." He's got her by at least 50 lbs. and counting...

Hey, Wyatt, there's something on your head... Let me swat it for you with my shoe... hahaha!

My friend Krista had some pics on her blog with her daughter and niece (I think) wearing these, and the next day, Andie and Tori popped up with their own. lol Here's Tori modeling for me. She wouldn't really follow my photographer's directions though, I asked her to pose, but she didn't move.....

Ug! I don't even want to think about the headache that followed this pic....

How the heck did he fall asleep like this?!?!?

My little meatball. And Scooter. Scooter tries to pretend he doesn't like Tyler during the day. Here's how he really feels...

Naughty little Scooter. Scooter is an instigator.

Austin and Ricky goin' fishin' in the pool!

My favorite baby ever, Alexis!

My girls are such ladies. I am so glad to see them using their manners!

Riddle: How many pounds of dirt and grass do 15 children deposit into an inflatable pool?

Answer: Unknown. They kept straining it. The final result was a Coke-colored water.

Ty liked my joke. I love you, Meatball!

Uncle Tommy giving new meaning to "Guitar Hero..."

This pic needs no explanation. FYI: I sell blackmail pics for $25 per picture...


This is the coolest dog ever!