Saturday, January 17, 2009


Girls. Aren't they awesome?! I have my biological daughters, Andie & Tori. Then, I have 2 adopted daughters, Caylynn and Alyssa. Don't forget, Cheyenne, Jimmy's daughter. (I hate step-anything. Too negative for me.)

I got a card once that said, "To Step-Mom." LOL! I was like, what the heck did I do to her?!?

So, anyway, here are my little beauties. They are playing Gothic & preppie chick or something.

Andie &
Cay Cay

The Twins

Chey fell in the bucket while putting a sock on...

Tori fell over laughing.

Then, they posed for me.

I LOVE this girl, my sweet Cay Cay.

I LOVE this girl too, but I don't see her as much. Alyssa. Gorgeous like her mom!

Watching and listening to these silly little girls play just makes me laugh. I remember the days...

-We used to drink out of baby bottles.
-Wear mom's high heels.
-Try to ride bikes in high heels. (Sprained my wrist.)
-Wear all moms jewelry.
-Annoy brothers by drawing on them in their sleep.
-Eat everything in the house. (Sorry Mr. Kinney!)
-Freezing your friend's bra.
-Make cookies & cakes.
-Hide under the bench in mom's minivan & scare her. (Sorry to all moms we did that to. I'd kill you if you did that to me.)
-Sit on top of the pantry and scare mothers. (Sorry Rhonda!)
-Annoy brothers by filling their hands with shaving cream then tickling them.
-Get screamed at to BE QUIET!
-Tape Christie's little brother to a chair. (Poor Chase.)
-Toilet paper. (Before it was considered vandalism.)
-Giggle over dumb things all night.
-Prank call.

**Oh my goodness. Remember prank calling after you'd had like a gallon of ice cream smothered with candy?? **

Sucker: Hello?
Us: Hi. This is Super Repair and I am just calling to make sure your refrigerator is running.
Sucker: Yes, it's running.
Us: Then you'd better go catch it!!


Sucker Next door: Hello?
Us: Hi, Mr. Jones (name changed to protect us.) This is Boyd's towing. We are just calling as a courtesy to let you know that your vehicle has been towed, per your request to Rocky Mountain Mazda for repair.
Sucker Next door: What? What are you talking about? We never called a tow truck!

At this point, we watched Mr. Jones from the safety of our window to make sure he ran outside and checked his car. LOL! Man, was he MAD. And he would fall for it about 2 times a month.

We would do this one when we were on a payphone bowling:
Bowling Alley: Hilltop Lanes.
Us: Hi! I need to find my friend, there's an emergency!
Bowling Alley: K, what's your friend's name?
Us: Amanda.
Bowling Alley: Amanda what?
Us: Amanda Hugginkiss.
Bowling Alley: Ok, we will page her.
PA System at Bowling Alley: Attention guests. We are looking for Amanda Hugginkiss. Amanda Hugginkiss, will you please report to the front desk immediately?

*Gasping for air* What were we thinking? LOL!
Being a silly girl is SO much fun. I miss those days!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Million Little Lies

Ok, I have to admit:

Reading James Frey's book, A Million Little Pieces damaged my sensitive spirit. I thought about it more than I should have, and questioned everyone I knew about drugs and addictions. I seriously wondered what kind of person could be so addicted and then just one day


Addiction is going away because he said so. I am personally addicted to coffee, and there is NO way that will just go away. (Trust me, I am trying, and the headaches are KILLER.)

He does mention that addiction is replaced with something else, so I totally bought that. But, throughout his book he never mentioned what he had put in it's place.

So, one of my most darling and beautiful friends posted a comment that his book was a hoax. I secretly am relieved. I would have committed suicide had I done half the things he details in his book.

The part that hurt me the most was that the girl that kept him holding on, clinging to life, ended up hanging herself! How morbid is that? I cried.

The good news? It's mostly made up.

Sorry, Oprah, that really sucks. It was a good book, in it's dark, heart-wrenching sort of way. But, personally, I am relieved that it's lies. I know it's a reality for plenty of people. I know addictions are real, scary and devastating.

I live in a fairy tale where I am the Princess.


I cannot surround myself with stories like that, or it kills the way I function. Is that funny or what? My friend Mandy says I have a sensitive spirit. Maybe that is why I like beautiful chubby babies and soft, furry puppies?
Furry Puppy:
Beautiful Sleeping Furry Puppy:
Freaky one tooth sticking out puppy:
I LOVE when dogs smile. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What did I miss?

I have just finished 2 books that I read simultaneously. They are both about men who have done drugs. I bought one at the airport when my flight was delayed, and the kids' aunt saw me reading it and suggested this one:

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. It was pretty good, although it was super graphic and super open. It was his story of a 6 week rehab stay.

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris is about a gay man and his struggles, achievements and funny stories through his drug years. It's not dark like James Frey's, rather, it sees the humor in all of it.


This is what I did notice. Am I like the only one in my world who has not experimented with drugs?

Don't get me wrong, I have definitely heard some funny stories about acid trips and shrooms and pot and whatever else is a popular party drug. I also do not judge when I hear the not-so-funny stories because someone got into some huge trouble because of it.

So, as I was reading these books and talking (to apparently everyone who has a huge party past) I realized that I don't have any of those stories. My acquaintances were all taking turns laughing about "remember when...." and "Dude, how bout when...."

I had NO clue what they were talking about or why the heck falling down stairs or puking is funny. I do drink close to a whole beer a year, (by myself) so I didn't even have any of those types of stories!

I cannot relate to these poor choices my friends made as youths and young adults. (I was too busy making my own poor!) Did I miss something? I sort of feel like I want some funny drunken drug stories to tell...

Just kidding! Just, will someone that I love and respect PLEASE comment and tell me that I am not the only loser who doesn't have these stories?!?

I have KID stories. I can talk about kids 'til the cows come home.

Oh, and if someone wants the copy of Me Talk Pretty One Day, let me know and you can have it. It wasn't my kind of story.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spring Fever

HELP! I've got Spring Fever!

Now, I know it's only January 13, but dang, I am SICK of the snow. Today is BEAUTIFUL outside here. It's gotta be near 40, and the sun is shining! Even Scooter wanted to go outside.

Of course, if Andie had not been sick today, I would have had NO clue!

Poor Andie. Stupid Asthma and complications that go with it. We get to start "Desensitization Shots" soon. Yipee! 2 days a week for the next 3 (yes, THREE) years!

I never realized it took such a LONG time. So, my questions to everyone are:

*Have you or anyone close to you done these shots?

*Are they effective?

*Did they hurt as bad as the steroid shots?

*Did you react and/or break out as bad as the skin testing?

Share your stories! The doctor and allergist both tell us people react differently to treatments.

The GOOD thing about being home with Spring Fever?

I cleaned out the mystery room in my house, organized and added to my charitable donations, cleaned the basement AND did 5 loads of laundry.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Guitar Hero

Who out there has Guitar Hero?

It's fun, but HOLY COW. It has caused some SERIOUS fights in my home!


Because the TWINS got it for Christmas. Ricky got a skateboard, Ty got an airsoft gun and the twins got Guitar Hero.


The problem is, the Wii is everyone's. Santa brought it last year.


How do I regulate the Wii so that everyone gets a turn, while no one touches the twins' game?

Is it fair that they have to ask to use the game?


The twins are not allowed to touch either the skateboard or gun, or anything Jimmy's kids got for Christmas.

Another question:

Why is this such a big deal?
It's just a game and no one is learning anything anyway!

Final question:

Is anyone else's dogs going nuts out there?

My Ruger ripped the eyeballs and ears off a stuffed cocker spaniel...

My Scooter chewed the covering off 8 tennis balls, then chewed them into 17 pieces each...

Both of them chewed this spoon:

How'd they get the spoon?!?

Last but not least, someone shredded 2 double rolls of toilet paper...LOL!


This is the coolest dog ever!