Saturday, October 25, 2008

My NEW daughters...

I didn't think I had enough kids, and I didn't think one dog was enough.

So, guess what I did? I ADOPTED and FOSTERED!

This is Caylynn, my newly adopted daughter. She is spunky, hip, fun, and light haired version of her mom! She calls me "Mom J."

Ah, my new foster daughter, Kiki. KiKi is 1/2 rat terrier, 1/2 chihuahua. She is so cute. Her little bark is hillarious.

Caylynn, my newly adopted daughter, holding KiKi, my foster daughter, and my sweet Andie, my biological daughter.

The following is what happens when my daughters get a hold of the camera and I'm on the phone not paying attention...

Poor Kiki.

It could be worse. They could be out dying their hair purple and green and giggling over "cute boys." Oh, wait. They already do that. Dang...


This is the coolest dog ever!