Monday, March 30, 2009

Scooter Update

Scooter's "episode" turned out to be a stroke on Sunday morning. Apparently, he has suffered brain damage from his seizures, and it manifested itself in a stroke.

The vet says he is young, and there is no reason for seizures or stroke. So, we have him on an anti-seizure medication and the vet is optimistic. She (and all her staff) had great instructions for how to care for him. They were all very reassuring and kind. For now, he's just under MY observation.

THANK YOU everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. Thank you, Clearfield Veterinary Clinic doctors and staff. Scooter, the kids and me appreciate it. (Ruger, too. He's even been sweet to Scooter.)

He seems to be taking out any stress on this stuffed wolf. :)

GIT-ER-DONE Scoot! We LOVE you, Boy!

P.S. I knew today would be a better day! Trust in the Lord. (Even if it's for your dog!) (Or naughty son.) :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Tear-Filled Sunday

My sweet Scooter is still not feeling better. He had an episode this morning that was terrifying!

He has been pretty quiet and disoriented all day again. So, I spent the morning holding him and crying. I told him if it was time to go that he could, but he just licked me. Once we got home, he perked up a bit. I love the rays of hope. :)

Shortly after we got home though, Ricky and Ty were fighting over who had to clean the room and a physical fight ensued. To make a long story short, Ricky ended up telling me to "Screw You."

Start the tears again. That just pushed the envelope WAY farther than what I will accept from a child. I had half a mind to slap him silly or punch him in his face. I will not be treated like this. He was suspended from school for fighting on Wednesday! GRRRRR

Therapy is a joke!! 2 years and thousands of dollars wasted....

Any suggestions? Anyone?

Cricket, cricket....


Tomorrow's another day, and it will be better, 'cuz he goes to school!!! :)


This is the coolest dog ever!