Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Red Snake

We have a snake in our house that Ricky won from Peter Piper Pizza years ago. It has sat and sat and no one has paid any attention to it.

Until Ruger, that is.

Ruger's first mama warned us that he liked to chew stuffed animals. Ok, we thought, what dog doesn't?

One of Ruger's favorite hiding spots is under the twins' bed. One of the twins' favorite cleaning depositories is under their bed.

Guess where all the stuffed animals went?
Scooter. My little Scooter. So frail when he wears himself out these days.

Scooter is still my naughty little Scooter no matter how sick he gets. Scooter is mischievous.

A bit of an instigator, if you will.

Well, Scooter has this way of finding toys he knows Ruger will enjoy. He then proceeds to parade them around Ruger, getting just close enough to tease him.
(Enter red snake.)

Think your mean older brother or sister here... Look at him eyeballing Ruger.
Ruger is patient. He is calculating.

Ruger is planning his attack.
Come a lil closer, Scooter...
Ha! I shall drag you back to my lair...
I think I can, I think I can!
***Scooter chuckles under his doggie breath***
I was merely toying with the lad.
Notice the snake's guts hanging out now? :)


This is the coolest dog ever!