Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Left My Heart...

In San Fransisco....

The Golden Gate.
Isn't it pretty??

Wow. What a trip! I have hundreds of pics that I can share. They loved the plane ride. There was a 3 hour delay, but once we got on board, it was SO cute to see how much everything about the plane excited them.

This is them before we left. We had to board the plane in the freezing cold snow.

We left in a blizzard and came home to the aftermath of a couple storms. Ricky and I both are SICK of shovelling. It accumulated pretty high. :(

We LOVED California. Sacramento was gorgeous, and it was my speed of town. Not too quick, but hip enough that I didn't look like a pierced up freak. :)

Here are some highlights: I have LOTS I will share:

This was in Old Sacramento at the train museum. WAY FUN! We learned a lot about trains and had some fun while we were there:

This is the whole crew: Aunt Debbie, Ricky, Taylor, Tori, Tyler, Andie and Justin.

They were posing in front of trains.

Then, we drove into San Fransisco from Sacramento and went to the Exploratorium. That has to be the coolest place I think I have ever been! It's a totally interactive science and art place.

Check it out. Everyone needs to go at least once. We had a blast learning!
Here we are drinking from the toilet:

Some bratty teenage kid gave me a dollar to do it...

The whole point was to prove that people's perception would lead them to certain decisions.

Justin, Ricky and Tyler playing with the mirrored water.
This is the kids' Aunt Debbie. She is the COOLEST lady in the whole world.
She was showing us how to sneak through the rocks in this display. This one actually shows you your score of how quietly (or loudly) you sneak through the loose rocks.
I posted her pic, because she BLEW everyone away. I scored somewhere near 30, and that was considered good.
Debbie's score?
Virtually silent. She is a sneaky!


This is the coolest dog ever!