Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welsh Corgi

I cannot think of anything else to post here today. Today is Thanksgiving: Take 1. I tried so hard to get out of it, but, alas, I am a pushover who likes to keep the peace. Sick or not, I shall suffer through it.

Christmas is coming. I like presents. Lol!

Don't judge, you like peace on Earth too...

Anyway, the title was Welsh Corgi. Tori has this huge fascination with Welsh Corgis. I think they are cute dogs, but several web sites I visited say Corgi's won't let you pick them up. Hmmm, anyone who knows my girls knows they are overly-attentive to animals. Especially cute dogs. But every website also says how loyal, outgoing and well-behaved Pembroke Corgi's are. So, if you have any opinions on them, please let me know.

This Corgi is a chauffeur. I could use one of those...

Cute. Short, but cute. LIKE ME!
We may get along better than I thought.

These corgi's look happy. They are being mauled by little girls.

Not that I want another dog; Scooter is naughty enough for me! Yesterday, Scooter came tearing into my bedroom as I was doing my makeup, followed by Tori, who was scolding him.

Let me back up a bit here. Scooter likes to eat paper. Any paper he finds is chewed, shredded and destroyed. Toilet paper, candy wrappers, paper towels, school get the point.

After a valiant battle, Scooter lost and was forced to surrender the paper in question. The latest victim? Tyler's Pinta. I thought Tyler would cry, because he puts so much heart into everything he does.

But, all he talked about all day was: Scooter ate the Pinta. That way he could tell his story to everyone who looked puzzled...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am proud of ME!

I'm going to toot my own horn for a minute, so if you don't want to hear it--GET LOST!

Just kidding. (Toot, Toot!)

I just have to post this so that I will be forced to look at it when I get lazy.

For the THIRD day in a row, I have been a good girl with watching what I eat. No way, I am not depriving myself. No starving here. I am making smarter choices. I just watch where my calories, carbs and other things go, so that I can make room for the important food group:

Chocolate. Oh, sweet chocolate. What would I do without thee?

I'll tell you what I'd do! I'd be skinny. That's what. Skinny is overrated. There really is such a thing as "too thin." We were talking at work the other day and of course, weight came up. My sweet coworker says, "You can't be too rich or too thin!"

I agreed at the moment. But, then I saw this:

Egads! My goodness, that is truly unhealthy. You can be too thin. She is.

But, on a lighter note, (hopefully...) I actually jogged for 15 whole minutes! So, yep, no earthquake, that was Janine, jogging her butt off. (again, Of course, I powerwalked for 30 minutes, so I just have to say:


P.S. As much fun as it is to jog with my youngest biking with me, I would love an adult companion who doesn't run over my heels...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Things

First off, I have heard the following expression too many times during the past week, so I am passing it on to someone else. Please, take it off my hands! Here it is:

"It takes a village to raise a child."

I must comment that I think this comment may be true, and it was probably said to some single parent who obviously needed help raising a child.

My question: Where the hell is MY village??


Enough of that. I am tired of wondering and dwelling.

Second Matter of Business:

I am trying to revamp my life. I have been somewhat down due to village circumstances, and I am tired of this as well. Exercise releases endorphins, which makes people happy.

Love this one...

So, guess what? I started using my gym membership I've been paying for and not using. There is just something powerful about jogging just 5 more minutes than I did the day before.

Gym membership going to waste...

Here's where you, my fans, come in:
  • PLEASE STOP dangling naughty foods in front of my face.

  • PLEASE RESPECT my decisions to not join in high caloric lunches or dinners. MOM, JIMMY, EVERYONE ELSE... GET IT????
I am doing this for ME. Not Jimmy. He loves me the way that I am. I hate when he squishes my muffin tops though, dang!

Here's a link to my personal help page:

In closing, please respect my decisions. They are made for a reason.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Madness

Ever taken a picture in the complete darkness? Today, I listed a mattress for free on and needed a picture. As I was walking back inside, my little dum-dum ran right in front of me and I stepped on him.

It was sort of He let out this little yelp and then a growl, then he was full out barking. Well, in my new house I couldn't exactly find the light switch. So, I started taking pictures to illuminate my way until I could find a switch.

These are what transpired:

He's warning me that he's right there...


Wow, that looks like more than a warn...


Demon dog!

Demon dog said: GET OUTTA HERE!

Ok, I really don't know why these are so funny to me.

But, watch your back, or my little Demon Rat will bite your ankles off...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

End of the NASCAR Season

Well, another beautiful season of NASCAR has passed us by, and guess who's the new Champion?

Jimmie Johnson again. 3-Peat. Cool, but can we see someone else besides Jimmie or Carl Edwards win for a change?

I might just be bitter, 'cuz my guy #88 still sucks. That's ok.

There's always next year.

No more NASCAR 'til February. What's a girl to do?

Football. College: Notre Dame

NFL: Tampa Bay Bucs


This is the coolest dog ever!