Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pie, pie pie

Put 'em up, ugly!

Yo ho! It's Thanksgiving Eve, and we are all just relaxing, thanks to the day off!

First order of business? Pies. Lots and lots of pies. So far, I have 2 made and 2 on hold 'cuz someone put the ready-made pie crusts in the freezer. Hey, I'm not Betty Crocker. Sorry. I have not had any complaints on my store-bought pie crusts so far...

On MY pie menu:

Pumpkin of course, it's a staple.

Coconut cream. Mmmmmm.

Chocolate Cream. It's so easy!

My sister made a lemon meringue.

My neighbor is making apple pies from her fresh apples.

I want to know what other kind of pies we are all serving this year. Or is it the same I have listed?
Who's watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade?

ALSO! Who's got the money & patience to shop Black Friday?!? I am curious!
YUM...I am drooling here....

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Krista said...

My friend, Kari, is bringing her French Silk Pie which is very naughty! It is not a calorie conscious recipe! Cream cheese, butter....notice the first word in butter is butt?


This is the coolest dog ever!