Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Tear-Filled Sunday

My sweet Scooter is still not feeling better. He had an episode this morning that was terrifying!

He has been pretty quiet and disoriented all day again. So, I spent the morning holding him and crying. I told him if it was time to go that he could, but he just licked me. Once we got home, he perked up a bit. I love the rays of hope. :)

Shortly after we got home though, Ricky and Ty were fighting over who had to clean the room and a physical fight ensued. To make a long story short, Ricky ended up telling me to "Screw You."

Start the tears again. That just pushed the envelope WAY farther than what I will accept from a child. I had half a mind to slap him silly or punch him in his face. I will not be treated like this. He was suspended from school for fighting on Wednesday! GRRRRR

Therapy is a joke!! 2 years and thousands of dollars wasted....

Any suggestions? Anyone?

Cricket, cricket....


Tomorrow's another day, and it will be better, 'cuz he goes to school!!! :)

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My Little Family: said...

sorry you had such a sad day. poor rattie dog. i know how helpless you must feel. do they have camps or programs for your son where you live? something that builds confidence and understanding? I dunno, I'm not a mom.


This is the coolest dog ever!