Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This blog has WAY too much information for those who are vomit-challenged. (ME)

I threw up today. Puked. Yaked. Barfed. Not a huge deal to most people I'm sure, but the last time I threw up was May, 2005. The time before that was March, 1997. I distinctly

My guts have been hurting for like, 7 years, so after seeing 3 different doctors, one ordered a CT scan of my abdomen. No big deal. They gave me the watery Barium drinks to drink.

--Seriously, routine and NO big deal.--

I made it through most of the 2nd drink and was on my way to get to the scan and I had the overwhelming urge to (yuck) Yak.

I was so proud. I held it down all the way inside, even made it onto the table and through most of the test. The little CT guy gave me the heads up that he would be injecting the contrast dye and I would feel flushed.

Sure, I felt flushed. I felt like someone flushed something THROUGH me. LOL! (I am very good at fighting the urge to you know...)

The little sliding table thing was backing out and I warned the little guy that I was going to vomit. He reassured me that sometimes people feel like that, but that it would be ok.


Poor guy.

LOL! Seriously, it was so funny. I felt SO, so terribly bad. I have never had a man hold my hair back with one hand and a garbage can in the other so I could throw up.

I kept apologizing to the guy, who was SO nice. He even patted my back. LOL!

TMI, I know. But, I am lame and this is all I have to blog about. Unless you want to hear about Scooter. The meds are just postponing the inevitable.

So, let's not focus on that. I love my little 'munk-huntin', 4-wheeler riding, fishing buddy. Let's focus on the fact that I had a funny (non-serious) allergic reaction & threw up all over the nice radiologist man.

I bet that made his day...LOL!

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My Little Family: said...

I used to run a B&B and my primary customer was a radiology practice - I housed the traveling physicians. I belive those guys have seen it all. Isn't that the white stuff? Funny vomit, LOL.


This is the coolest dog ever!