Saturday, May 23, 2009


I'm too young for this.

My beautiful 11 year old twins came home the other day with a new necklace. Each of them had one. Of course, the new bling certainly caught my eye. They played it off, and I got distracted, so I never did really get where the new bling came from.

Fast forward to today. There is a Scentsy open house down the road. Sweet Tyler bought me a car candle and a Blueberry Cheesecake bar. (My favorite!) As I was putting the new bar away, I noticed another new bar in the drawer. Oxford smells good, but is not really a scent I would burn. When I asked where it came from, I was NOT ready for the answer.

I found out about the bar and the necklaces! The necklaces were gifts from their "boyfriends." I asked what they had given them in return and they both insisted "nothing." Well, turns out, the 5th grade boys who had girlfriends all went out and bought their ladies some "bling." Each of these girls that hangs out together got one, but each is different, so the boys know who's girlfriend is whose.

Um, WOW. I got a ring my Junior year of high school and my mom flipped. It was a pretty emerald. (NOT engagement by the way.)

The Scentsy bar? A gift from the neighbor boy, who knows they love the Scentsy warmer in their room. He is around enough to know that I refuse to give the girls my favorite scents to burn. (Moms, you know how they never come back.)

As far as the necklaces go, I guess it was just all the boys that hang together giving their little "girlfriends" that hang together a gift. I talked to the mom of another little girl that got a necklace. She thinks it's hilarious and sweet and told me not to worry.
Yeah, so, do I let them keep these gifts? Necklaces and Scentsy bars? Did anyone catch the Desperate Housewives Season Finale last week? Am I being paranoid? My girls will NOT be like that Ana chick. I will not raise flirty little hussies.

On, the other hand, they cannot control silly boys who want to spend their money.

HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLP! All advice is solicited and welcome.


Christina said...

. . . and so it begins! All I can say is hold on and enjoy the ride - my still single "girls" are 18 and 21 and boys are still giving them things for no reason other than they want to. Its just the nature of the beast :o) Welcome to the wonderful world of being a mom of daughters!

Krista said...

As long as the boys are legitimately buying the necklaces and not stealing them. I found out later my first young boyfriend stole the bracelet that he gave me. Therefore, I had no problem throwing it away. Ha! I wouldn't encourage them to have boyfriends at any age before 18 or date before 16. They need to know they don't need a boy to identify them. So many young girls think they need a boyfriend every minute. Wow! Scentsy bars....that's a unique gift!

Eli's Lids said...

Ha!! I didn't even know boys existed till High School!
You should let them keep the necklaces... you don't want them to think they can't tell you stuff as they get older!


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