Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TWO Proposals!

I went on a field trip today! My elementary school's 3rd grade went to the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City.

I don't know who had more fun: ME or my group. I had the biggest group I have ever had on any field trip I've been on.

Bad: I had 7 hyped-up, curious kids to contain and keep together. (One was my Special Ed student.
Bad: I was neither their mother nor their teacher, so technically, they didn't have to listen.


Good: 6 of the 7 children are now aware of my awesome-ness. :P
Good: We made trucks honk and played slug-bug on the bus! (I ROCK at slug-bug when I am not the one driving.)


Better: One of the girls in my group told me I was "almost as pretty as her mom."

LOL! I died laughing at that one...

Better: I got kissed on my hand by one of my boys. LOL!


BEST: A student asked me to marry him. (NOT the one that kissed me either. Sheesh...)

Student: Janine, will you marry me?
Janine: Oh, I'm sorry! I am already engaged!
Student: Oh. Well, if it doesn't work out, let me know, ok?

*LOL! Are you serious? Wow. That's flattering!*


Not to be outdone, the student that kissed my hand decided that HE had a better shot.

Kissy Student: Janine, I am taller and 4 days older than Other Student. Will you marry me?
Janine: Ok, you guys are being silly. Go play Red Rover.
Kissy Student: Ok, come play with us.
Janine: I'd love to, but I have a broken ankle.
Kissy Student: Want me to kiss it better?


Um, West Point mothers, WHAT is wrong with your sons?


Proposed to TWICE in one day. Top that!

Footnote: Neither of the boys were Special Education students.

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Christina said...

They obviously know a good thing when they see it . . .You're a keeper!!


This is the coolest dog ever!