Thursday, January 22, 2009

Your purse is barking...

LOL! Cell phones. What an awesome invention!

Even better?!?


My sister says I'm annoying. I say it's payback for putting Dawn soap in my Thermos & filling it with Kool-Aid in 3rd grade. Jerk. That was traumatizing.

Anyway, I found a fun website with about every ringtone or sound effect you can think of. I download a lot of them because my special needs students love them. (I promise.)

I have pretty little birds chirping when my mom or dad texts me, but an alert ring when they call. LOL

Achmed, the dead terrorist, tells me to "Pickup-it's your boyfriend," when my fiancee calls.

Can you guess what plays when the ex-hubs calls? Psycho...hehehe

Wow. So, these are the best conversation starters ever. For example, today I was at the accountant's office getting my taxes done. My washed up Kool-Aid sister texted me. (She's a dog groomer, so my phone barks.) It was in my purse on the floor. The accountant stopped what he was doing and announced, "I love dogs!"

I just sat there confused for a second. So, he exclaimed, "Let's see the little rascal!"

LOL. I pulled out my phone and showed him that it was just the phone "barking."

As I was leaving, I had to stop and sign some paperwork at the front desk. My sis text-replied at just that moment. The poor lady at the front desk.

"Excuse me, but your purse is barking," she notified me.

Yeah...could you imagine the response if I had set her message tone to the nauseating gas-expelling male that needs to check his drawers?!?


My Little Family: said...

LOL! That post reminds me of Dave Berry. And, I love your new background - very cute.

Christina said...

Ok, so share this website? I want Achmed on my phone!! lol

Krista said...

I love it! Mine just has a "magic wand" kind of sound. I don't know how to put other ringtones on. Can you come put some exploding man on mine so when Seth calls I'll know it's him?

Eli's Lids said...

I love the way this post is written! Fun ringtones RULE. My phone is Eli screaming "MaMa" it is super funny. I would love some other ones for when specific people are calling... mmmmm.
Thanks for your wedding comment... you are too kind!! I wish you had wedding photos too... you can include the ones with your ex and do funny things with his face in photoshop... or put Jimmy's picture over it... LOL!


Woof, Woof....wag, wag :)


This is the coolest dog ever!