Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Teen/Tween Reviews

Hello Blogging world! Between school, summer, appointments and dance, I have lost touch with this world! I am on Facebook:


I have a question:

There are SO many great products for babies out there. Why do they get all the press? My baby is TEN. I am beyond the cool baby stuff (although it is really innovative and fun to look at!)

Can someone PLEASE point me to products for teens/tweens??

My oldest is a teenage boy age 13.

Next is a set of 12 year old identical girly twins.

And of course, my baby boy is 10.

I am willing to be a reviewer/tester for any products for tweens/teenagers and even dogs!

My boys are sporty, they like their hair, and they love trends!

My daughters are beyond girly-girls and love anything that has to do with jewelry, hair, clothing, make-up...etc. You get the point.

We are a real household looking for innovative products to make everyday life easier.

Please send me links to products, websites or anything else helpful!



My Little Family: said...

I don't anything about products for your tweens and teens but go to the Kong web site for innovative products to keep your ratties happy.

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Nothing says teen entertainment like a brand new fishing pole. :)

Krista said...

There's a website called "startsampling.com." You could probably Google "free stuff" or "product reviews" or something. I never, never win stuff, so I don't even try.

Anonymous said...

Love to play with your 10 year old he's cute


This is the coolest dog ever!