Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer 2011

My friend Carla is right!  There are not any recent posts with pics of my pups.  :)  Here are just a few things we have been doing this summer:

Camping in Sheep Creek. Zipper was such a good boy!

During the day, the boys hunted mice, squirrels, birds, and baby rabbits.

Zipper on the prowl for more mice!

Baby bunnies the girls rescued from Scooter's hunt.

Scooter is sad the girls saved the bunnies.

Zipper & his favorite camping pastime: sitting by the fire in a chair.

Scoot LOVES his marshmellows!
Scoob loves to chew all mice...
I Love my ratties!

King of the remote

King of Beaver Lake


My Little Family: said...

Thanks for posting rattie photos! You know I love those :)

carla said...

Wow, they are both looking very handsome this summer! Having fun and enjoying the great outdoors.
I love the one in the camp chair especially! Has he tried playing the harmonica yet?
Bet all those girl doggies were just swooning when they saw these two handsome hunks!
Thanks for the pictures!
Glad you all got out and had some fun!

JaMean said...

Thanks ladies!! No harmonica yet, but that would be AWESOME! :D


This is the coolest dog ever!