Sunday, August 3, 2008

NASCAR Camping World Series Race!

Hello! Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE NASCAR?!?! Jimmy and I took the kids out to the Miller MotorSports Park in Tooele for the NASCAR Camping World West Series Race. WHAT A BLAST!

First off, I must comment on how nice the Miller MotorSports park was. I highly recommend it to everyone. (Tons of awesome road course racing, WITHOUT the rain! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Montreal! Rain tires on NASCAR? What will they think of next? Mud tires for Baja racing? Sand tires for beach racing? Snow tires? Wow, I'm gonna pass out! That thought is too much for my small mind to fathom.

Anyway, I loved the Jelly Belly car, driven by Jim Engelbright. He won some award right at the beginning for the last race he raced, but I was talking and didn't hear what it was. :( You think passing is good on roundy-round tracks, you haven't seen anything until you've seen these boys pass on a road-course! This guy can race let me tell you!! I can't remember where he started, but he dropped down to 11th, and came back to lead the race all the way up until the green-white-checkered end.

Which ended a little something like this:

So, my poor Jelly Belly car was wrecked out. (I didn't get a picture of that. It happened in the "Attitudes" turns, which I happened to NOT be sitting in front of...) And these wicked spins happened RIGHT in front of us. The crowd went wild! LOL! It was awesome. A WAY fun day. In case you are wondering, the #13 car, driven by Souza, won the race.

SPECIAL THANKS to the woman who gave us the free tickets! You never told us your name, and we never saw you to wave to you!! But--in case you're reading this: THANK YOU!!!

P.S. A QUALITY camera and Photoshop software for Christmas would really spice up my blog page..

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