Friday, August 8, 2008

Picnic in the Park!

Remember how we used to picnic in the park all the time? Bring a frisbee, some bread to feed the ducks, maybe a ball to throw around, bare feet, way too much food... Picnics in the park are some of my favorite memories!

I realized last night that I cannot even remember the last time I took my kids for a picnic in the park!! Layton Park has to be one of the prettiest and best places to picnic. There are lots of sidewalks to walk on or rollerblade on if you dare. There are ducks galore to throw food at, er, I mean feed. There are also ducks who wander across the sidewalks in front of rollerbladers. (One of my funniest memories EVER!) Layton Park also is a prime photography spot.

*Again, a nice Canon/Nikon SLR camera and Photoshop Software would really make my pics POP!*


So, we didn't really picnic last night, we were more there for my mom's company party. Burgers, salads, chips, drinks & bingo!! We ROCKED the Bingo game. It wasn't even funny! Justin won a game, then Andie, Tori, Tyler won TWICE, Ricky won, I even hit bingo... Finally we started passing our winning game boards to non-winners. I figured we'd better, as we were getting death looks and threatening
See the concern in my kids' faces?

So, off to take some more pics!! It's much more fun anyway.....

I would love to have more of my beautiful niece, Maddie, but I could not get the girls to stand still for anything. Any of them...
I hope my kids had as much fun as I had when we did picnics...


Christina said...

I love picnics and I love Layton Park. Steve and my first date was a picnic! (but not to Layton Park - Logan Park, both "L's but a bit of distance between them!) Anyway, we love to throw food (feed) the ducks too. Haven't been there for awhile so we may have to do that sometime soon. Your kids looked like that had a fun time and just think of all the memories you made that day!

Krista said...

Your pictures are great! Loved and admired your photography! I'm using a dinosaur computer at a friend's beachside apartment, freezing my butt off! Winter in Oz is cold when you don't have heating. I'll have more pictures soon!


This is the coolest dog ever!