Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Ah, Halloween! It was great fun, but I'm glad it's over!

Ricky was too cool to be seen with Mom this year. That hurt my feelings, so I punished him. I made him stay home. But, he punished me right back by eating 90% of the candy he was supposed to pass out. So, yeah, who really won that battle?!

Andie and Tori were twin babies . Tori is in pink and Andie's blue. They kept putting pop in the bottles, then shaking it so it would explode into their mouths. *Sigh*

Tyler was my little vampire. He was so sick yesterday, I wasn't sure he was going out! He was puking during the early morning hours, and was pretty weak. But, he made it with minimal complaining.

The weather was better than I ever remember it. It was so warm! We did get sprinkled on a bit, but nothing unbearable. It was so wonderful to Trick-or-Treat among nice people!

I LOVE my new neighborhood. :)


Krista said...

Hello my dear! It's been awhile. My life has been in a twister...literally! Your kids looked darling! Give me a call!

Christina said...

Cute kids! Exploding bottles and all!

princesst92703 said...

poor ty, i'm glad he was able to go out tho...the girls were cute... ricky....well i would have done the same thing lol


This is the coolest dog ever!