Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Madness

Ever taken a picture in the complete darkness? Today, I listed a mattress for free on and needed a picture. As I was walking back inside, my little dum-dum ran right in front of me and I stepped on him.

It was sort of He let out this little yelp and then a growl, then he was full out barking. Well, in my new house I couldn't exactly find the light switch. So, I started taking pictures to illuminate my way until I could find a switch.

These are what transpired:

He's warning me that he's right there...


Wow, that looks like more than a warn...


Demon dog!

Demon dog said: GET OUTTA HERE!

Ok, I really don't know why these are so funny to me.

But, watch your back, or my little Demon Rat will bite your ankles off...

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princesst92703 said...

what size the mattress??


This is the coolest dog ever!