Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welsh Corgi

I cannot think of anything else to post here today. Today is Thanksgiving: Take 1. I tried so hard to get out of it, but, alas, I am a pushover who likes to keep the peace. Sick or not, I shall suffer through it.

Christmas is coming. I like presents. Lol!

Don't judge, you like peace on Earth too...

Anyway, the title was Welsh Corgi. Tori has this huge fascination with Welsh Corgis. I think they are cute dogs, but several web sites I visited say Corgi's won't let you pick them up. Hmmm, anyone who knows my girls knows they are overly-attentive to animals. Especially cute dogs. But every website also says how loyal, outgoing and well-behaved Pembroke Corgi's are. So, if you have any opinions on them, please let me know.

This Corgi is a chauffeur. I could use one of those...

Cute. Short, but cute. LIKE ME!
We may get along better than I thought.

These corgi's look happy. They are being mauled by little girls.

Not that I want another dog; Scooter is naughty enough for me! Yesterday, Scooter came tearing into my bedroom as I was doing my makeup, followed by Tori, who was scolding him.

Let me back up a bit here. Scooter likes to eat paper. Any paper he finds is chewed, shredded and destroyed. Toilet paper, candy wrappers, paper towels, school get the point.

After a valiant battle, Scooter lost and was forced to surrender the paper in question. The latest victim? Tyler's Pinta. I thought Tyler would cry, because he puts so much heart into everything he does.

But, all he talked about all day was: Scooter ate the Pinta. That way he could tell his story to everyone who looked puzzled...


Krista said...

Janine! It was so good running into you the other are so beautiful! I miss you so much! Your boys are darling and I could just eat Tyler up!

Christina said...

My daughter, Holly, is a vet tech. I'll ask her the Corgi question. I think they're adorable little dogs. they have such cute faces! As for your paper eating dog? He's just providing an honest excuse for your kids homework not being turned in. ;o)

Mistress Meeyee said...

I was a vet tech and I can tell you they are terrific dogs!Smart,calm and good with kids.They don't like being carried much because of they way they are made they have sensitive backs but I always wanted to get one!!!! Great dogs but i must say they lose there fur all the time.Hairy little creatures.Does your dog like other dogs???


This is the coolest dog ever!