Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dogs or KIDS?

I love my kids. I really, really do! They are sweet, fun, and their little giggles kill me.

But, every rose has it's thorn. My kids fight, beg, whine, cry, throw tantrums, throw attitude and they COST A TON!

Dogs. Dogs are the most agreeable creature on the earth. If I am having a bad day, my Scooter or Ruger know. They know well enough when I'm mad too, so they go away. Or, they stick their adorable little faces in mine and give me a kiss. They come snuggle with me while I cry, read, watch TV or anything I do. They adore me! I remember when my kids thought I was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Sure, Ruger and Scooter have had a tiff or 2. But, they growl, stick up their fur, show their teeth and it's over. No hurt feelings. No crying. Well, maybe a yelp or two...lol. Yeah, Ruger whines. He whines when he knows I am in the garage and he thinks he is alone. Neither dog gives me attitude. That is for sure!

My dogs beg. They don't beg though by asking, "Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom?" or however many times they beg until I finally scream at them and/or give them what they want. And IF I scream at my dogs, they still love me without me having to buy them Littlest Pet Shops or doughnuts.

Of course, dogs cannot tell me they love me. They can show me, but I cannot hear sweet little voices. Dogs cannot make funny faces like my kids can. Dogs do not play "Make Me Laugh."

Remember playing that as a kid when you were supposed to be sleeping? he he he
Does anyone else's kids play "Guess the Twin" or "Real or Fake" through the heater vents?

I cannot even begin to describe the noises I overhear. My kids think I can't hear them...

Finally, NO dog is this cute when they are sleeping:

For the Record: My new Rat is NOT Chinese! Rat terriers are AMERICAN. MADE IN U.S.A.

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My LIttle Family: said...

I love dog posts. Thanks! Oh, and don't forget, you don't ahve to send your dogs to college.


This is the coolest dog ever!