Sunday, December 7, 2008

My NEW Toy

Ok, truth be told, I have a new pet. Yes, another one. I would have kept the Chihuahua girl, but the twins' Asthma Specialist was convinced that their downward spiral was due to the new pet. Well, that was over 2 months ago, and 4 visits ago.

The diagnosis? Fall/Winter weather swaps and the Inversion are making them sicker than usual. She said it had nothing to do with the dog.

Ok, the want side of my brain works faster than the reasonable side of my brain. Jimmy says that's because I am a woman. I was innocently just looking at the cute rat terriers on the other night, when I came across an ad for this:

This is Riley. We are thinking of changing his name to Ruger. (Yep, like the gun) Isn't he just a freakin' doll?

He is a good boy. He is the exact color I wanted in a rattie. I had a tri-colored one, I needed a sable & white one. Riley/Ruger is a full-bred AKC registered Rat Terrier out of Oklahoma.

I love him already. He is so much fun! He does this thing with his ears. When he is curious, one ear goes up, and the other goes back. He walks around with his paw up, like he is on point. Scooter has started imitating this behavior. SO FUNNY!

Well, in case you didn't know, Rat Terriers are excellent hunters. They were developed as a breed to exterminate the rat problem on American farms.

Where am I going with this?

Well, you see, the other day, (Friday to be exact) my Ricky was going to eat some Ramen Noodles. He loves them and has probably successfully consumed over 10,000 servings on his own. Well, this particular Friday, my Ricky cooked his noodles, but forgot one KEY ingredient:


So, he starts screaming at me from the kitchen. I went running, just to find my kitchen full of smoke. Nasty, stinky, yellow smoke. His bowl was still in the microwave, POURING smoke from what was left of the plastic bowl containing his Ramen.
LMAO! We left for the night...

I have as point, I promise....

So, YESTERDAY, when we finally got around to cleaning up our near-disaster, I pulled out the microwave to clean the singed counter top, just to find:


A MOUSE?!?!?!

Whatever. I expected mice. Hello, there are fields behind me. lol

So, now I have TWO excellent mousers.... The want and reason sides of my brain are at peace.


Amen, I say! PEACE!


I shall update and let you all know how the mouse hunt is going.


Mistress Meeyee said...

I bet you they will not catch the mouse.My rat won't chase the mice,he thinks he is too good for the job but my cats do the job well enough on there own.

My LIttle Family: said...

Unlike Mistress Meeyee, my ratties would tear the house up in persuit of a mouse!

My Daisey has the same coloring and is also registered and from Oklahoma. They could be related! If I had my wish, all ratties would be swabbed for DNA, LOL.

princesst92703 said...

I know scooter will have fun hunting it down lol.
I can't ait to meet this new little fella.


This is the coolest dog ever!