Monday, December 15, 2008

I am STILL a Grinch

I am STILL a Grinch. But, I'm a Grinch with a heart who feels like an ass. I stumbled upon this blog page tonight, and I know it's for a reason:

I spent a long time on this baby girl's page, and her battles took me back to the days when Baby Ricky was in NICU. Of course, Ricky's battles were nothing compared to this baby's.

So, since you all know that I'm a bratty brat now, I want everyone to do something for me. PLEASE pray for this little girl. Reading this family's blog just makes me tear up and I want this baby to get better.

God, Heavenly Father, Abba, Buddah, Alla:

Whoever or Whatever you want to call Him, please just spend 5 seconds to ask Him to bless this baby girl, Kayleigh, and her family.

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