Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Fiancee & the Mouse

Jimmy, my most darling "hunny," is in the paper again. He is the cute mechanic in black coveralls walking behind the UHP Trooper. Basically, the story is that the bus slid off the road into a ditch and was partially blocking Highway 89, with students on board.

I love him. He's so cute. Follow the link to hear about our crazy snowstorm.

One more story to share. I love my job. Have I ever mentioned that? Today was a typical day. Drooling children, lunch and dodging punches from Mr. Angry Student.

Autistic kids have the best comments. They just say things as they see or hear them. They do not think, nor do they react when you howl with laughter. (Some don't...)

Today, one student was working on a program on the computer. This computer program is touch-based, so all the Host-lady says is, "Click the mouse. Click the mouse." Over and over again.

Well, Mr. Angry was engaged in some sorting activity, which means he is like hyper-sensitive on his hearing. He could hear the program-lady saying, "Click the mouse. Click the mouse."

Autistic kids are known to parrot behaviors and voices. They get the tones and pitch down perfectly. I'm not kidding...

So, pretty sure Mr. Angry started to repeat the lady. I didn't pay attention, assuming he was just repeating the program. Then, I tuned in and heard:

"Cook the mouse. Cook the mouse. Cook the mouse with crackers. Cook the mouse with carrots."

***** LMAO *****

Cook the mouse huh? What goes on at his home?!? Just Kidding!

Most everyday is crazy until some comment like that. Then, any "learning" stops and all you can hear is adults screaming with laughter. I love my job.

I love my fiancee too. He rescues junior high kids that are stuck in ditches. Go, baby!


Krista said...

Your Jimmy is famous! A super hero in black coveralls! Loved the story! Very funny!

jag said...

Cute story! My friend has some really neat characters in her class and the stories are always funny. I miss the classroom!

Eli's Lids said...

Great picture!! And the mouse... the OTHER white meat!?!?


This is the coolest dog ever!