Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Missing In Action

Yay! I'm back. I had blogging withdrawals for the first few days, but life and kids were keeping me up on my toes.

You know how when it rains it pours? Well, I just got done with a monsoon. But, I have survived, and I know my limits are higher than I thought! Just when you think, "I swear if one more thing goes wrong..." It does. And guess what? Most of us survive!

**And in surviving:

I am a better woman.

I am a better mother.

I have stories that are funny now. (But, they were NOT in the least bit funny 2 weeks ago...)

That was when I knew I needed an attitude makeover. NOTHING was funny. EVERYONE was standing on my last nerve. ALL my kids were sick. My dog peed on my son's bed, and the sock load, and the sofa, and the other dog...


Thanks for the emails of concern. It feels nice to be loved. Everything is ALL RIGHT here!


My Little Family: said...

glad your back. I was wondering what happened.

Christina said...

I was wondering where you were - it was way too silent on your blog. Welcome back! Missed you!

Krista said...

It was so nice running into you at the store! I'm glad everything is alright, but you know who to call when they're not. Love ya, friend!

Eli's Lids said...

Yeah! I really was getting worried. Are you a Valentines baby too? Or another lame holiday? Ha...


This is the coolest dog ever!