Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gift Idea!

It's CHRISTMASTIME! I love it, love it, love it!

Have you guys noticed the buttons from different websites? Well, this website:

has some really cool reviews and FUN holiday ideas. I want one of these, so you will notice a NEW button, next to the ones that you already need to check out.

The key chains I want come from THIS website:

This is the one I want:




Yes. I am lame. I KNOW that. I am one of those people that when I find something I like, I buy one of every color. Shirts, purses, shoes, key chains. Well, key chains are a new one. I have never found one I like THIS much. I have never found one with 286 different possibilities.

You read it. 286! Do what I have done and chop off some of your Christmas list.

Great for your:
  • busy moms

  • soccer moms

  • scatter-brain moms (that's me..)

  • prissy moms

  • I-have-everything moms.

( There are boy colors too. ) So, scratch off:

  • Achmed, your nephew,with a cool camo-color one. :)

  • Or your dog groomer with the "I Love Dogs" one.

  • Or Janine with the "Carnival" or "Here Fishie Fishie"one.
Gifting possibilities are endless, and these are fun AND functional.

I am trying to win one, can you tell? Just in case I don't, BUY ME ONE! :)

Just Kidding. HUGS! (I'd say kisses, but I bet there are some that don't want my lips anywhere near you. )

I'm really NOT kidding. Buy me one.


My LIttle Family: said...

I found your blog through Ratbone. You have nice photos. I have two ratties too!

Mistress Meeyee said...

You are really a sweet person! I have won lots of things that turned out to be terrific but lately I have come across some places that are not detailed and honest in there giveaways.You made my day just by being nice.That is all I need! Thank you!

Mistress Meeyee said...

Go to First in Best Dressed and you can get my gift code from them if you want it.The first person to reply wins it.If you don't mind paying shipping.

Mistress Meeyee said...

Wait, go to Mom of one if you want the coupon code!!I got confused for a second.


This is the coolest dog ever!