Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am SO committed!

I am committed! I have tried to ignore myself, but--THAT'S IT!

I am tired of comments like:

"You look great for having 4 kids."
"Oh, come on, you're not that bad."
"You have a pretty face."

And my personal favorite:

"Is there a baby in your tummy?"
-Candy, 2nd Grader

Ok, that last one REALLY hurt. So, yeah, truth hurts!

There are a lot of websites out there committed to helping. I joined one back in November called Spark People. I LOVE it. My only problem was, I was concentrating so hard on making sure all my info was entered, I spent too much time sitting on my butt.


So, I am committed to sitting on my bum for one last time to make sure everything is ready.


I am committed to spending no more than 1/2 hour online entering information.

I am committed to ME!

I have found some other cool, fun contests to enter to help motivation:

And again, here's the link to MY page, but anyone can sign up for their own!



Eli's Lids said...

So cool! I have started the workout that I'll be posting in Feb. It's for the arms and I already see a difference... it is making me excited to start other stuff too!

Christina said...

You can do it! You are worth every minute you spend on yourself. (how's that for a pep talk? lol but I mean every word!)

Krista said...

I'd hate to tell you this but you are NOT beautiful for having four kids. You are freakin' gorgeous just for being you. When we ran into you back before Thanksgiving my husband said you were pretty. His knees haven't been the same since! But true beauty comes from inside and you definitely have it!


This is the coolest dog ever!