Saturday, January 17, 2009


Girls. Aren't they awesome?! I have my biological daughters, Andie & Tori. Then, I have 2 adopted daughters, Caylynn and Alyssa. Don't forget, Cheyenne, Jimmy's daughter. (I hate step-anything. Too negative for me.)

I got a card once that said, "To Step-Mom." LOL! I was like, what the heck did I do to her?!?

So, anyway, here are my little beauties. They are playing Gothic & preppie chick or something.

Andie &
Cay Cay

The Twins

Chey fell in the bucket while putting a sock on...

Tori fell over laughing.

Then, they posed for me.

I LOVE this girl, my sweet Cay Cay.

I LOVE this girl too, but I don't see her as much. Alyssa. Gorgeous like her mom!

Watching and listening to these silly little girls play just makes me laugh. I remember the days...

-We used to drink out of baby bottles.
-Wear mom's high heels.
-Try to ride bikes in high heels. (Sprained my wrist.)
-Wear all moms jewelry.
-Annoy brothers by drawing on them in their sleep.
-Eat everything in the house. (Sorry Mr. Kinney!)
-Freezing your friend's bra.
-Make cookies & cakes.
-Hide under the bench in mom's minivan & scare her. (Sorry to all moms we did that to. I'd kill you if you did that to me.)
-Sit on top of the pantry and scare mothers. (Sorry Rhonda!)
-Annoy brothers by filling their hands with shaving cream then tickling them.
-Get screamed at to BE QUIET!
-Tape Christie's little brother to a chair. (Poor Chase.)
-Toilet paper. (Before it was considered vandalism.)
-Giggle over dumb things all night.
-Prank call.

**Oh my goodness. Remember prank calling after you'd had like a gallon of ice cream smothered with candy?? **

Sucker: Hello?
Us: Hi. This is Super Repair and I am just calling to make sure your refrigerator is running.
Sucker: Yes, it's running.
Us: Then you'd better go catch it!!


Sucker Next door: Hello?
Us: Hi, Mr. Jones (name changed to protect us.) This is Boyd's towing. We are just calling as a courtesy to let you know that your vehicle has been towed, per your request to Rocky Mountain Mazda for repair.
Sucker Next door: What? What are you talking about? We never called a tow truck!

At this point, we watched Mr. Jones from the safety of our window to make sure he ran outside and checked his car. LOL! Man, was he MAD. And he would fall for it about 2 times a month.

We would do this one when we were on a payphone bowling:
Bowling Alley: Hilltop Lanes.
Us: Hi! I need to find my friend, there's an emergency!
Bowling Alley: K, what's your friend's name?
Us: Amanda.
Bowling Alley: Amanda what?
Us: Amanda Hugginkiss.
Bowling Alley: Ok, we will page her.
PA System at Bowling Alley: Attention guests. We are looking for Amanda Hugginkiss. Amanda Hugginkiss, will you please report to the front desk immediately?

*Gasping for air* What were we thinking? LOL!
Being a silly girl is SO much fun. I miss those days!


Krista said...

You forgot about calling boys you thought were really cute or asking your friends to call him and find out if he likes you! Ha! So much fun!

jag said...

Oh man! The days of prank calls... I remember them well. Looks like you girls have a blast. I'm sure Jillian will have to have lots of gal pals over. We're totally outnumbered these days! Just noticed that your son's name is Ty. LOVE it! We thought long and hard about the name Tyson and I wanted to call him Ty. In the end, we wound up doing two J namds and two C names. It wasn't as planned as it seems, but as it fell into place, we went with it.

Eli's Lids said...

Girls totally rock. I remember calling the cute boy in class (how did we get his number anyway) and trying to be so cool with the whole party laughing around you and listening on the other line... or playing MASH... that game rocked!!


This is the coolest dog ever!