Monday, December 1, 2008

December Already?

Ok, I know I have Christmas postings and all on here, but DANG! I wrote the date today (repeatedly, it's payday...) and it floors me that it is December. It was seriously just Halloween!

So my poor, sweet Andie is sick today. (Yes.Again..) Not too sick to miss a pose with her beloved Scooter. Well, her twin doesn't do well without her, so she just takes Ty under her wing and makes him do all sorts of girly stuff.

Today's project? Make a pie. LOL! They were upset that they only got one piece of the Chocolate Cream Pie on Thanksgiving, so they begged me to buy more pie crusts. (I'm not Betty Crocker, remember? lol)

So, today Tori and Tyler made themselves a pie. They even decorated it.



Also, I wanted to show what my tree really looks like. I personally like the picture of that tree in the landing better.

Ever played around with the camera so that the pic is intentionally blurry?

I did! Kinda cool...

Ok, if I don't go cut and serve the Tori/Ty pie, I think they will pop! BYE!

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Mistress Meeyee said...

You guys seem to have lots of fun!!! You have a picture perfect family!


This is the coolest dog ever!