Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fall Days

Fall is dwindling to an end. Bye-Bye chilly, crisp mornings! Honestly, this is how I remember fall in Florida. Chilly, though, not cold.
I must say, nature displays gorgeous sun-down time, with the clouds everywhere. And the mountains. I remember when we first moved to Utah:
We were walking out of what used to be the Riverdale Wal*Mart, and I was so shocked to see that huge, monstrous mountain standing there. My new friends who had lived here all their lives thought I was nuts, because I would just stand there and look at the moutains. Expecting them to move or something.
Remember, I am a Florida Girl, and Florida is flat. And I mean flat. (Like a pancake.) I had seen mountains, the Smokies are very pretty. But, we always drove out of them on our way to Nebraska. Nebraska is not really flat, it's part of the Great Plains. (Rolling hills.) Plus, Florida had trees everywhere, except the beach. In Utah, trees are scarce, and you can see over them. Utah really is gorgeous.
Here's Mother Nature's beauty for this evening:

This same scene will be very pretty with snow, but the snow can just chill wherever it's chillin'... We're not ready!


Christina said...

Gorgeous pics - are those from your back yard? The sunsets out here are wonderful.

Mistress Meeyee said...

Boob holes cut out?? haha!!! Thats a man for you!


This is the coolest dog ever!