Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Million Little Lies

Ok, I have to admit:

Reading James Frey's book, A Million Little Pieces damaged my sensitive spirit. I thought about it more than I should have, and questioned everyone I knew about drugs and addictions. I seriously wondered what kind of person could be so addicted and then just one day


Addiction is going away because he said so. I am personally addicted to coffee, and there is NO way that will just go away. (Trust me, I am trying, and the headaches are KILLER.)

He does mention that addiction is replaced with something else, so I totally bought that. But, throughout his book he never mentioned what he had put in it's place.

So, one of my most darling and beautiful friends posted a comment that his book was a hoax. I secretly am relieved. I would have committed suicide had I done half the things he details in his book.

The part that hurt me the most was that the girl that kept him holding on, clinging to life, ended up hanging herself! How morbid is that? I cried.

The good news? It's mostly made up.

Sorry, Oprah, that really sucks. It was a good book, in it's dark, heart-wrenching sort of way. But, personally, I am relieved that it's lies. I know it's a reality for plenty of people. I know addictions are real, scary and devastating.

I live in a fairy tale where I am the Princess.


I cannot surround myself with stories like that, or it kills the way I function. Is that funny or what? My friend Mandy says I have a sensitive spirit. Maybe that is why I like beautiful chubby babies and soft, furry puppies?
Furry Puppy:
Beautiful Sleeping Furry Puppy:
Freaky one tooth sticking out puppy:
I LOVE when dogs smile. :)


My Little Family: said...

I love sleeping doggie pictures. Some day you gotta visit Members post a lot of photos. YOu don't have to join to see them, just to post. No costs either.

You know, I wasn't offended by Mr. Frye's book not being completely honest. Granted, it should have been labels as fiction based on truth, but from what I have heard about it (I haven't read it) there still seems to be some value in his message and the stories of an addicted life. Your post just proved my theory.

Fairy tales aren't true but there is usually a valuable lesson in them. Even all out works of fiction offer us something or we wouldn't read them. And yes, it is nice when you read something really horrific or see it in a movie, to be able to tell yourself that it is only a story.

Krista said...

Don't you hate it when you've been lied to? At least books you can put back on the shelf or enjoy it for entertainment purposes. It's when people lie to you or believe lies about you that you wish you could put on the shelf or donate to the DI! Ha! Gosh, sounds like I have issues! Ha! Loved your puppy photos, too!

Eli's Lids said...

Seriously... because of my computer issues it feels like forever since I visited your blog! I love the new background... very festive but not TOO festive! Sorry about the guitar hero issue... maybe you can get the whole band so everyone can play at once?


This is the coolest dog ever!