Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spring Fever

HELP! I've got Spring Fever!

Now, I know it's only January 13, but dang, I am SICK of the snow. Today is BEAUTIFUL outside here. It's gotta be near 40, and the sun is shining! Even Scooter wanted to go outside.

Of course, if Andie had not been sick today, I would have had NO clue!

Poor Andie. Stupid Asthma and complications that go with it. We get to start "Desensitization Shots" soon. Yipee! 2 days a week for the next 3 (yes, THREE) years!

I never realized it took such a LONG time. So, my questions to everyone are:

*Have you or anyone close to you done these shots?

*Are they effective?

*Did they hurt as bad as the steroid shots?

*Did you react and/or break out as bad as the skin testing?

Share your stories! The doctor and allergist both tell us people react differently to treatments.

The GOOD thing about being home with Spring Fever?

I cleaned out the mystery room in my house, organized and added to my charitable donations, cleaned the basement AND did 5 loads of laundry.


My Little Family: said...

Wow you've had a productive day. I don't sell the fleece jammies but hey for a rattie in need, LOL. Send me some fleece and measurements. I'm not fast but my quality is pretty good. Vickie

Christina said...

I've had the shots and my 25 yr old daughter, Bethany, is getting them right now. I need to get re-tested since its been quite a long time ago that I had mine because, no, they do not last forever as we tend to develop more allergies as we get older.

Bethany says they are really helping her - a lot. We all have asthma and allergies - ugh. No way do they hurt like the steroid shots, thank goodness. They don't cause a major reaction although occasionally there may be a slight reaction at the shot sight - like a small hive. I'd recommend getting some Benadryl cream and keeping it on hand for those occasions OR you can just put some ice on it.

Personally, I think they are a wise thing to do. I've had asthma since I was eight and have had way too many steroid treatments, which can contribute to the Cushings disease I now have. So any way to prevent having to get those is the best way to go . . . in my book!

Maria (Conversations with Moms) said...

I've had Spring Fever for a while now. We haven't gotten as much snow this year as last but it's been bitter cold.

Today it is -18.4 degree Farenheit and that's without the wind chill.



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